You have watched it on TV or someone has encouraged you to give it a try. It looks fun and you would like to give it a try but not at the commitment and cost of a full year membership. Please consider our Learn to Curl program.

It’s a six session program with qualified staff to teach the basic techniques in curling, etiquette, and strategy. The program fee is no more than $60.00 (equipment and HST included).  Please review our web site Curling Information/Learn to Curl  for further details. You may also find Curling Information/Curling 101 of great interest. Curling is a revered pastime in our Canadian culture. Please take the initiative to discover why.    

For further information please Click Here to e-mail.Participation is peak at the start of the season and in early January (Christmas gifts?) but the program runs season long subject to a minimum of participants.