We Rock The House!

Welcome to the Welland Curling Club. Yes, we are Rocking The House! We have been busy getting ready to fire up for another great curling season. The board of directors has been faced with some tough decisions entering into this season. With declining memberships and an economy that has been sluggish we have been under pressure to increase revenue without increasing costs.

I am very proud of this board and feel that we have a vibrant and dynamic group that have looked outside the box and pushed the boundaries to invigorate our club. We are confident that everything we have done to improve the club will enhance the curling experience of new and returning members. Yes we have taken a few risks and have made some changes. These changes are the way forward.

We challenge you to jump on this ride with us. This goes to all our current members and people who are looking to take up the great sport of curling. Come on in to our club, you will feel the excitement growing as we surge ahead to make this the club to belong to!

Browse through our site and check out the many opportunities to enjoy curling. With 8 sheets of ice we have plenty of room for growth and room for all. So come on.. Rock The House with us this year, you will enjoy the ride.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us.
Frank Belchior
Chair Welland Curling Club

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