We Rock the House! Check out our leagues today.

Please review our web site content for further information and don’t miss Curling Information/Curling 101for great insights and instruction on our game. Curling is a revered pastime in our Canadian culture. Please take the initiative to discover why.    

Interested in just giving it a try with friends, family, coworkers, a student trip or a birthday party? Whatever the occasion, we’ll provide the ice and equipment. Give us a call.

You have watched it on TV or someone has encouraged you to give it a try. It looks fun and you would like to give it a try but not at the commitment and cost of a full year membership. Please consider our Learn to Curl program.

It’s a six session program with qualified staff to teach the basic techniques in curling, etiquette, and strategy. The equipment you will need and HST taxes are included in the $60.00 program fee.

Call today 905 734-9411 or click here to e-mail mail at e-mail to schedule your program. Participation is peak at the start of the season and in early January (Christmas gifts?) but the program runs season long subject to a minimum of participants.              

Thinking of curling this year? Consider our numerous membership options to suite your needs, time and pocket book. Never curled before? That’s not a problem; no one at our club was an experienced curler before they threw their fist stone.     

Welcome to the Welland Curling Club and its 2017-18 season. There is no better antidote to the cold dark winters we endure than what curling provides – fun, exercise and socialization all at various levels of competition. From juniors to seniors, men and women, and from new curlers to the experienced we cater to all and all at a very competitive price. Our season starts on October 23rd but we’re always looking for new members and will continue to accept membership applications from those looking to curl.  


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You will not have received the mass e-mail if your membership application has not been recorded or your e-mail address on record is incorrect, outdated or missing. Please CLICK HERE  to provide your current correct e-mail.

Upcoming Events at the Club

15 Dec 2017;
06:30PM - 08:30PM
Ice Rental
24 Dec 2017;
Christmas Eve
25 Dec 2017;
Christmas Day
25 Dec 2017;
New Year's Day
19 Jan 2018;
08:45AM - 05:00PM
Niagara Ladies Interclub
10 Feb 2018;
06:00PM - 11:00PM
Rose City Hawaiin Bonspiel
16 Feb 2018;
09:00AM - 09:00PM
Stelco Bonspiel