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While watching the 2018 Winter Olympics did curling catch your interest? Why not give it a try?On Saturday March 10, 2018 the Welland Curling Club is hosting a free open house from 10:00 am to 2:00pm to all those who would like to experience our great game. You need only bring clean athletic shoes and warm loose clothing. Instruction is provided.Come on in or give us a call for further information (905 734-9411).


For further more infor please review our web site content for further information and don’t miss Curling Information/Curling 101for great insights and instruction on our game. Curling is a revered pastime in our Canadian culture. Please take the initiative to discover why.    

Interested in just giving it a try with friends, family, coworkers, a student trip or a birthday party? Whatever the occasion, we’ll provide the ice and equipment. Give us a call.

Thinking of curling this year? Consider our numerous membership options to suite your needs, time and pocket book. Never curled before? That’s not a problem; no one at our club was an experienced curler before they threw their fist stone.     

Welcome to the Welland Curling Club and its 2017-18 season. There is no better antidote to the cold dark winters we endure than what curling provides – fun, exercise and socialization all at various levels of competition. From juniors to seniors, men and women, and from new curlers to the experienced we cater to all and all at a very competitive price. Our season starts on October 23rd but we’re always looking for new members and will continue to accept membership applications from those looking to curl.  


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