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Buy A Rock Program

                                                                             Special Announcement

As of this morning, April 6, 2019, our club has received payment for 108 of our 128 rock Buy a Rock program. In addition we have 22 firm commitments which in total, achieves our goal. Thank you to all our members and our community. Your support and the success of this much needed project is truly outstanding. Announcements will follow on the projects implantation.

Administrative costs and expenses still leave the club short of the total rock replacement cost. Please continue to donate, however there will be no name recognition on a rock.

   Click the following link to get information on Curling Stone Replacement program: 
Stone Replacement Info

Click the following link to get information from the Sports Trust Fund Ontario: 

Buy A Rock Program

         Note: If you are donating please select "Welland Curling Club" as the Organization Name.


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