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Curling Etiquette 101

 Curling is played with a spirit of good sportsmanship and conducted in an honourable manner, both on and off the ice.

  1. Start with a handshake. At the beginning of the game, greet the members of the opposing team with a handshake, tell them your name, and bid them “Good Curling”.
  1. Finish with a handshake. When the game is over, offer each of the players a hearty handshake and move off the ice. Reconvene in the lounge for comradery and refreshment of your choice.
  1. Keep the ice clean. Sand, grit and dirt are the ice’s worst enemy.
    • The shoes you wear should only be used for curling. Keep them clean.
    • Grippers break down. Replace them once or twice a year.
    • Brooms get dirty and wear down. Brushes are available at each end to keep your broom clean. Replace your broom head at least once a year. 
  1. Compliment good shots, no matter which team makes them. Respect your opponent.
  1. Be ready. Take your position in the hack as soon as your opponent has delivered their stone. Keep the game moving; delays detract from the sport.
  1. Be prepared to sweep as soon as your teammate releases the rock.
  1. Move to the side of the sheet between the hog lines after delivering your stone. Leads and seconds are not permitted in house/rings, except when sweeping or to remove the stones after the scoring has been determined by the vices.
  1. Be courteous. Do not distract your opponent in the hack. 
    • If you are waiting to shoot, stand off the ice behind your opponent. 
    • If you are waiting to sweep, stand on the sidelines between the hog lines.
    • Stand still when a rock is being delivered.

      9. All games should run in approximately 2 hours for 8 ends.

    • If your game is an end or two behind all other games, you should pick up the pace.
    • Each player should be ready to deliver their rock when their skip puts down the broom.
    • Leads should place the Skip’s rock in front of the hack.

    10. Curling is a self-governing game. Should you ever knowingly breach a rule, report it to the other team immediately.



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