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Celebrating 75 years of History, Memories and Events

March 6, 1946

More than 30 men met at Welland City Hall to discuss a potential curling club in the city. A preliminary estimate for a 6-rink facility was discussed at an estimated cost of between $27,500 and $30,000.
A temporary committee was formed to study the matter and report to a meeting called for March 20th.
The committee consisted of Messrs. Hopper, Baker and McKellar from Port Colborne, Mr. Myles of Fonthill and Messrs. Sturgeon, Thorpe, Colbeck, Walker, Lathrop and McCrindle from Welland.

March 20, 1946

The second meeting was held. Those attending the meeting were advised “that a fully modern building was proposed, to be erected adjacent to the arena and of similar construction.” The cost of the building, housing 6 rinks of artificial ice, was projected to be $35,000 (Note: The City View Curling Club in Ottawa is the most recent curling club built in Ontario. It opened in January 2016 and the 4-rink facility cost nearly $4 million).

Membership was to be limited to 350 in total, with a fee of $100.00 for lifetime membership. Annual dues were to be held to a minimum, approximately $15.00, depending on the operating costs which were yet to be determined.

April 10, 1946

At the Welland Court House, 34 men met as Dr Sturgeon noted there was sufficient interest to start a curling club. Nominations were called to fill the executive. The first Executive Committee included:

  • President             O.J. Thorpe
  • Vice-President     C.R. Hopper
  • Secretary             L.W.C. Sturgeon
  • Treasurer             Edwin McCrindle
  • Finance, Building and Membership committees were also established.

A motion was passed that the name of the curling club was to be the Welland Curling Club.

As the Club was to be a non-profit organization, it was hoped land could be leased from the Welland Health and Recreation Committee, who operated the Welland Arena, for the sum of $1.00 a year!

May 22, 1946

The Executive Committee meeting of the newly formed Welland Curling Club reported that 140 members were signed up!
It was agreed, the Club President O.J Thorpe, was to enter into negotiations with Atlas Steel for an option on the current King Street property adjacent to the Welland Arena.
A motion too was passed to purchase curling stones from the Niagara Falls Club for $225.00. There is no mention of how many stones were in that purchase.

Messers Farquhar and Bennett agreed to prepare a drawing to provide an “Artist’s Concept” of what the proposed curling club building would look like. This was to be presented to the Building Committee on July 6th, 1946. As we know today, these plans changed when the opportunity arose to purchase the Niagara on the Lake drill hall, that the Department of National Defense deemed surplus and offered for sale.

Stay tuned. Chronicles documenting our 75 years will be posted throughout the year.

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